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Chobits for GambeboyAdvance -Atashi Dake no Hito- (ちょびっツ for GameboyAdvance -アタシだけのヒト-, Chobits for Game Boy Advance -The Person Just For Me-) is a video game that was released exclusivity in Japan for the Game Boy Advance on September 27th, 2002.

Limited Edition

The Chobits Game Boy Advance game was bundled with a limited edition Game Boy Advance. The box listed it's contents on the back as the following:

  • ゲームボーイアドバンス (Chobits仕様クリアブルー) 1台
  • 本体取扱説明書 1冊
  • 単3形アル力リ乾電池 2本
  • ちょびっツ for GameboyAdvance ア夕シだけのヒト 1個
  • カートリッジ取扱説明書 1冊

The English translation of the contents:

  • Game Boy Advance (Chobits Specification Clear Blue) 1
  • Main Body Instruction Manual 1
  • AA Al Rechargeable Battery 2
  • Chobits for Game Boy Advance The Person Just for Me 1
  • Cartridge Instruction Manual 1


The player takes the point of view of Hideki Motosuwa. The objective is to teach Chi.