ちょびっツ ~ちぃ目覚める~ (Chobittsu ~Chii Mezameru~, Chobits -Chi Wake Up-) Is a typing adventure game for PC and Macintosh. It was released exclusively in Japan on September 6th, 2002.

Box Contents

The limited edition version of the software listed 3 benefits over the regular edition as the following:

  1. オリジナルペーパージオラマ

    (※Pēpājiorama wa 2 shurui arimasuga, dochira ka 1 shurui ga dōkon sa rete imasu.)

    Original Paper Diorama
    (*There are two types of Paper Diorama, but either one is included.)
  2. ちぃ、すもも、柚姫の音声データ集(CD-ROM)
    Chii, Sumomo, Yūki no Onsei Dēta-shū (CD-ROM)
    Chi, Sumomo, Yuzuki Voice Data-Collection
  3. スペシャルピクチャーレーベル2枚組
    Supesharupikuchārēberu 2 Maigumi
    Special Picture Label 2 Sheet Set

The online distributor,, gave a special offer of a not-for-sale poster if ordered through their site; but only while quantities were available.

Computer Specifications

A list of specifications was presented on the back of the box to inform buyers of what would be needed to run the software properly. Specifications for both Microsoft PC and Apple Macintosh were listed as the following:

Windowsパソコン Macintoshパソコン
対応OS: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP 日本語版 MacOS8.1〜9.2
CPU: Pentium II 333MHz以上 PowerPCG4 350MHz以上
メモリ: 64MB以上の実績メモリ 64MB以上の実装メモリ
ハードディスク: 650MB以上の空容量 650MB以上の空容量
ビデオカード: DirectXに対応したカード
モニタ: 640X480ドット、High Color (16ビット)色表示以上 640X480ドット、32000色以上
CD-ROMドライブ: 8倍速以上 8倍速以上
その他: 日本語106/109JISキーボード、マウス QuickTime4.0が動作可能な機種 日本語JISキーボード、マウス



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