Hiromu Shinbo

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Hiromu Shinbo

新保弘 (Shinbo Hiromu)
Series Chobits
Birthday December 22nd
Residence Tokyo, Japan; Gabu Jougasaki Apartments
Gender Male
Height 180cm (5'9"ft Approx.)
Hair Medium-Black
Eyes Green-Black
First Appearance
Volume 1, Chapter 3
First Appearance
Episode 1: Chi Awakens
Seiyuu Tomokazu Seki
English Tony Oliver

Hiromu Shinbo (新保弘 , Shinbo Hiromu, spelled Shinbo on the Japanese Chobits website and in the English anime, and Shimbo in the Tokyopop English manga) is Hideki's best friend and is also studying at Seki Prep School.

In the anime, Shinbo lives in the same apartment complex as Hideki and is his next-door neighbour. Shinbo is usually the first person Hideki turns to for help with persocoms. Shortly after beginning school he becomes romantically involved with his teacher Takako Shimizu, after finding her in a park late at night because she had been unwittingly locked out of her house by her husband, who was too busy with his persocom. He later elopes with her and convinces her to marry him. Hiromu later gives Sumomo to Hideki as Takako is still hesitant about living with persocoms.