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Hiroyasu Ueda

植田 弘康 (Ueda Hiroyasu)
Age: 38
Birthday: July 20th
Gender: Male
Height: 190cm (6'2"ft Approx.)
Hair Color: Charcoal-Black
Eye Color: Dark-Grey/Blue
Seiyuu: Yuuji Ueda
English: David Lucas

Hiroyasu Ueda (植田 弘康, Ueda Hiroyasu) is the owner of Chiroru, a local bakery where Yumi Omura (and in the manga, Hideki Motosuwa) once worked in.


The name Hiroyasu means "tolerant, generous" (寛), "abundant" (裕) or "prosperous" (浩) (hiro) and "peace, quiet" (安), "peaceful" (康) or "flat, smooth, level" (坦) (yasu).

Hiroyasu's surname Ueda means "above, top, upper" (上) (ue) and "field, rice paddy" (田) (da).


When Hiroyasu first opened his bakery, he bought a persocom to help with math and accounting, which he admits he is terrible at. He eventually fell in love with this persocom and then married her. The persocom later developed a hard disk error which resulted in the gradual degradation of her memory; until she was unable to remember almost anything at all.

Rarely, she would suddenly recall small fragments of memories from her life with Hiroyasu. He could not bring himself to have her repaired because her memories might be lost completely in the process of transferring them to a new hard drive. Hiroyasu felt she would not be the same if this happened. Soon, her memory degraded to the point that she could not remember anything for more than a few seconds at a time, and Hiroyasu had to keep a constant watch on her to prevent her from wandering away.

One night while walking with his persocom, Hiroyasu, lost in thought, walked into the middle of the street, unaware of an oncoming truck. In a final moment of clarity, his persocom pushed him out of the way and was hit by the truck. Her last word to Hiroyasu was "Hello"; the default greeting for a newly activated persocom with no memories.

Hiroyasu and Yumi Omura were in love in the past, but broke up when Yumi quit her job at the bakery after discovering that the persocom he was previously married to was also named "Yumi". She feared she could never live up to the other persocom. However, Through the help of Chi and Hideki, he and Yumi resume their relationship.



  • Although he is 38 years old; at one point he jokingly saying he has a "baby face".
  • Along with Yumi, he makes a cameo appearance in Kobato as the titular character's employer.