Let Me Be With You (Single)
Let Me Be With You Single Cover
ROUND TABLE featuring Nino
Released April 24th, 2002
Label Victor Entertainment
Length 12:45
Produced by Masao Fukuda
Raison d'être (Single)

Let Me Be With You, is the theme song and first single of the Chobits anime. Performed by ROUND TABLE with vocals by Nino. The CD single was released exclusively in Japan on April 24th, 2002. The first track of three, "Let Me Be With You" was the anime's opening theme song for the entirety of the series.

Track List

Track Title Time
1. Let Me Be With You/ ROUND TABLE featuring Nino 4:29
2. Book End Bossa/ ROUND TABLE featuring Nino 3:43
3. Let Me Be With You (Instrumental) 4:29