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Minoru Kokubunji

国分寺 稔 (Kokubunji Minoru)
AKA: M (Online)
Age: 12
Birthday: January 25th
Gender: Male
Height: 145cm (4'7" Approx.)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark-Grey
First Appearance
Volume 1, Chapter 4
Seiyuu: Houko Kuwashima
English: Mona Marshall

Minoru Kokubunji (国分寺 稔 , Kokubunji Minoru) is a wealthy, twelve-year old genius, whose specializes in Persocoms. For instance, his Persocom, Yuzuki, was custom built to behave and look similar to that of his late sister, Kaede.


Approximately a year prior, Minoru's elder sister died of an illness. Soon after her death, Minoru custom built Yuzuki, a Persocom whose personal data that resembles that of his late sister, including her appearance. Although custom built, Minoru has given Yuzuki's OPS self-learning software so she builds her knowledge independently, instead of already downloaded programs.

For the most part, Minoru is a very reserved and soft-spoken individual who surrounds himself with his work, but is always honoured to assist with his friends when needed. On a custom Persocom bulletin boards Minoru's screen name is known as "M", where he is considered one of the leading experts in the field of Persocom development. 

However, although he is known for being calm and collected, Minoru's attitude completely changes when Yuzuki is present or is in danger. From what's shown, Minoru is very protective of Yuzuki and is prone to outbursts whenever she is in trouble. For example, Yuzuki is aware that she is programmed to behave similarly to that of his elder sister, and is shown comparing herself or referring herself (more than on one occasion) as "Kaede's replacement". Shocked, Minorou comforts Yuzuki stating all is true but one thing, she is not Kaede's replacement, and no one could ever be, but rather someone who he cherishes very deeply.


  • "Nobody could ever really take my sister's place, and believe me nobody could replace you either...I could never think of another Persocom the way I think of you, Yuzuki. And it doesn't any difference that it's all been programmed in. Yuzuki is Yuzuki. So I won't be entering anymore data about my sister." - Minoru (Episode 21, English-dub)
  • "Even if she begins to speak and learn various other things you never thought were possible, no matter how nice she is, no matter how cute, for your own sake don't fall in love...If you don't want to cry." -Minoru to Hidekei (Episode 2, English-dub)



  • It was revealed that Yuzuki was created because he refused to accept that his sister had died. 
  • Yuzuki refers to Minoru as "Lord Minoru".
  • Yuzuki is the main system-operator for all of Minoru's Persocoms.