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A Persocom is a very advanced technology first made in Japan. They are made to be human-like computers and come in three different types: Mobile, Laptop, and PC. They can be utilized as computers, of course, and can download software to search with and use the Internet, send messages via e-mail, call or receive calls, download freeware from the Internet, and download programs.



Every Persocom must have their CPU or Operating System installed to be used at all, although this is usually installed before purchase; a Persocom without an O.S. would be no different from a doll as they would be incapable of movement or speech.

Programs & software

A learning program is also a common software. Many different kinds of software can be downloaded into a Persocom to mold their personality, habits, and knowledge. This is because Persocoms are often bought as companions as well as employees. Choosing the right personality for a Persocom is an important choice for long-time Persocom fans and newbies alike.


Persocoms are electronics, so they must stay charged up in order to continue working properly. The most popular way is to take them out on long walks in direct sunlight as most are solar energy efficient. An alternative way to charge them is to plug them in directly to an outlet.


The most notable difference between humans and Persocoms in regards to appearance, are their "ears" — if not their size. A Persocom's ears are the containers made to protect the plug-in slots and cables on either side of the Persocom's head. The ears are the main location of the charging ports. Different models have different shapes, colors and appearances.



There are three different types of Persocoms: The most simple of Persocoms is the Mobile Persocom. A Mobile Persocom is usually shaped as a creature with long, rabbit-like ears, or large, open ears. These can range in size from key-chain to decoration. They send emails and texts, along with doing basic calculations as well as keeping records and notes.


A Laptop Persocom is humanoid in shape, however, it is pocket-sized for on-the-go. They can do anything a PC Persocom can, like sending emails, text messages, receiving or making phone calls, downloading personalization software, and such. But manual work, such as a laborious job, isn't a very good fit for them.


A Desktop Persocom is built exactly like a human, however, a Desktop Persocom has large, metal ears. They can perform multiple tasks, just like humans can, and can even get jobs. They interact as they were taught to, either by a learning program or by personality software installed. They can easily be mistaken as humans.


A Chobits Persocom is a rare, almost mythological Persocom created by Chitose Hibiya and her husband, Ichiro Mihara. The Chobits series of persocom was experimental. Able to show human-like emotion, understanding and decision making, the boundary between man and machine was heavily blurred with the creation of these Persocoms. Only two were known to have existed, Freya and Chi.

An important software resides within the Chobits series that is capable of unlocking a Persocom's full potential as a human-like being. Once this software is executed, Persocoms become almost completely human, in that they are able to think for themselves, and feel emotions.

Customization builds

While not a type, Persocoms can be custom-made by people that know how to build them and have the necessary resources to do so. Some people, like Minoru Kokubunji have made Persocoms to take the place of or even resemble relatives — Yuzuki — or have made more than one custom-made Persocom. Others, such as Yoshiyuki Kojima, have made over twenty custom-built Persocoms.